Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sewing for My Niece ::: Arizona Purse { Pattern by Noodlehead }

Last month I made this really fun purse for my niece.  

She swooned over the entire Arizona collection by April Rhodes when we were at the fabric store.  We took some home and decided to make a purse.  

I used the tried and true Envelope Clutch pattern by Noodlehead.  I've made 6 bags from this pattern.  It comes in 2 sizes and also has several other customizations for the strap and flap.

I decided to box the bottom on the large size, so that it would be shorter and roomier.  I LOVE how it turned out!

I added a crossbody strap.  I've tried several variations of straps for this clutch pattern.  You can see the individual posts on my Handmade by Me page.  I decided to try yet another way of attaching the strap this time and love how well it worked.  

I made big pockets for the inside to keep her things organized.  She has a really big key ring with lots charms on it and a big wallet.  So, I wanted those to fit in the middle and give her a pocket for her phone, lipstick, gum, etc.  

I filled it up with my stuff for the photos and really got excited to see how much it could hold.  I will definitely be making more clutches with this pattern modification.  It's the perfect size.  One thing I will change next time is to use batting instead of fusible fleece to line the flap.  It gets used/moved around so much that it can get crinkly.  

Most importantly, Kylie loved it when I gave it to her.  I meant to have her send me a picture of her wearing it, but forgot until now!  When she sends me one I will definitely post it.  

Have you used the Noodlehead Envelope Clutch pattern?  Have you sewn anything with the Arizona collection by April Rhodes?  Please share links, if you'd like.  

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